About Us

Are you a healthcare professional looking to enhance your career by adding more skills to
your resume and becoming Nationally Certified?

If you answered yes, then this is the perfect Continuing Education & Certification Bridge Program for you!!!

Saving you time and money. Based on knowledge you have already obtained through on the job training, school, other advanced degrees or certifications in the Medical-Healthcare fields. Med ED Institute’s continuing education and Certification Bridge Program allows you to bypass most of the coursework requirement for certification. You can Earn your diploma, continuing education and valid national certification together.


Why pay thousands of dollars for college or technical school in tough economic times like these for skills you already have when you really only need a refresher, continuing education or certification. Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) and many other allied healthcare positions offer a professional status and do not require College or Technical school.


Most Healthcare professionals have experience but lack documentation. Our continuing education and certification bridge programs are designed to give the healthcare professional a refresher course or continuing medical education hands-on class that includes a diploma, and national certification, because most employers prefer to hire healthcare professionals with valid certification.


Med ED Institute’s Healthcare Workers Certification Bridge Program offers a variety of continuing education and certification workshops for you to choose from such as, Phlebotomy, Medical assistant, Patient care technician, and more!


What makes Med ED Institute different?

Owned by Medical Certification Academy Med ED Institute’s Healthcare Workers Continuing Education and Certification Bridge Program is the 1stand only licensed and reputable continuing education and certification provider for employers and healthcare professionals that offers a diploma and same day national certification. This means our students earn their diploma and continuing education, from a licensed and reputable school. They also earn valid national certification from a nationally recognized credentialing certification body.  Now you can earn your diploma and national certification together!