Employee Group Training

If you are an employer interested in registering your employees for Med ED Institute’s Nationwide Healthcare Workers Certification Bridge Program, please contact us at

or call 1 844-707-6499.

Healthcare organizations who prioritize retention efforts have highly engaged Employees!

Decreasing the amount of time spent interviewing and onboarding new hires, when you can spend more time investing in continuing education, hands-on skills training refreshers, that will improve the employee experience and prevent turnover. It’s no surprise Employees feel more connected to their work, their team, and your company. 

Why choose MEDED Institute’s Healthcare workers Certification Bridge
Program for your Employees.

It’s simple MedED Institute’s Healthcare workers Certification Bridge Program for your employees is the 1 st and only licensed and reputable continuing education and certification provider for employers and healthcare professionals that offers a diploma and same day national certification. This means your employees earn their diploma and continuing education, from a licensed and reputable school. They also earn valid national certification from a nationally recognized credentialing certification body. Your employees can earn their diploma and National Certification together!